Upcoming Breedings

May 2022

Enyo x

Blueberry’s Enyo, our first pick Staxx daughter out of Blueberry Michigan (Blueberry’s Selene), crossed with one of Mr. Markoff’s best sons of all time. Pups will be Staxx, Mr. Markoff, Selene, AND Viva Grandchildren.

We expect lilac and blue tris from this breeding. Please contact Austin with our Florida Chapter


Dam: Blueberry’s Enyo
Color: Blue Tri
Weight: 95-98 Lbs
Parents: Bossy’s Staxx & Blueberry’s Selene

Dam: Blueberry’s Goose
Color: Lilac Tri
Weight: 110-115 Lbs
Parents: Mr. Markoff & Viva

1st Pick Female: $10,000
2nd Pick Female: $8,000
3rd Pick Female: $7,500

1st Pick Male: $10,000
2nd Pick Male: $8,000
3rd Pick Male: $7,500

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