Our Studs


Age: 7.5 Months
Weight: Still Growing
Parents: GHB’s Chop x  Hera
Color: The ONLY Lilac & Chocolate Merle Tri in the World
Stud Fee: $10,000 OR 1st pick pup back with approved females

The upcoming star of the bully world, our boy Future is an absolute masterpiece. He’s easily King Slayer’s best grandchild of all time; we’re truly blessed to have managed to get him here. Thankful for Chop outproducing himself on this one; Future is capable of throwing black, blue, lilac, and chocolate merle tris. He already has a lot of beautiful dates locked in – We appreciate all of those kennels that believe in both us as well as the blood. Wait until you see this boy at a year.


Age: 8 Months
Weight: Still Growing
Parents: GHB’s Chop x Ruby
Color: Blue Merle Tri
Stud Fee: $7,500 or 1st pick pup back (approved females only)

This boy is something special;. He’s a littermate brother to our beloved Kahlua and a half-brother to both Future and Bentley. His Dad is off King Slayer & Bossy’s Secret (Bossy’s Superbowl & Bossy’s Pink a Victoria Secret daughter); On his mom’s side he carries Primeyard’s Handsome Havoc, Primeyard’s Butterscotch, Boogie, & ATL Ginger.


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