Our Females


Age: 9 Months
Weight: 71 Lbs (Still Growing)
Parents: TopDog’s Voodoo (Ace Son) & TopDog’s Sterling (Bossy’s Silverback & Bossy’s Victoria Secret Daughter)
Color: Lilac Tri

Our 1st pick female out of TopDog’s best breeding of 2021; Thank you Ali for trusting us with her. Queen is a Showstopping Ace, Bossy’s Silverback, and Bossy’s Victoria Secret Granddaughter – 3 of the most influential XL bullies to ever exist. Extremely blessed to have her here.


Age: 8 Months
Weight: 74 lbs (Growing)
Parents: GHB’s Chop (King Slayer Grandson) & GHB’s Ruby
Color: Chocolate Merle Tri

Our 1st pick Merle Tri off Chop x Ruby; We knew we had to have her as soon as we saw her. The nicest chocolate merle tri Chop has ever produced as well as the best chocolate merle King Slayer Granddaughter to ever exist. She’s a true work of art and will create the next generation of merle superstars.


Age: 8 Months
Weight: 67 lbs (Still Growing)
Parents: Bossy’s 100 Grand & Bossy’s Kora
Color: Chocolate Tri

Our 1st pick Bossy’s 100 Grand daughter. She was chosen 1st overall out of a breeding with a shredded lilac tri named Kora. 100 Grand is Goodbar’s best son ever @130 lbs (Bossy’s Goodbar x Bossy’s Hershey a Silverback x Primeyard daughter)

The shoulder and chest on this girl are absolutely insane; Yet another female we could not resist adding to the program.


Age: 8 Months
Weight: 72 lbs
Parents: Bossy’s Milli (Staxx Daughter) x Goosebumps
Color: Lilac Tri

One of our productions off our Bossy’s Milli x Goosebumps breeding. She’s a Staxx Granddaughter as well as a Markoff Granddaughter. She’s just as stacked as her pedigree is – she’s got chest and shoulder’s of a male and that classic Markoff look.


Age: 9 months
Weight: 72 lbs
Parents: TopDog’s El Cucuy x TopDog’s Mira
Color: Lilac Tri

Aspen is another one of our legendary females that we were insanely blessed to get. We had to beg for weeks to finally get the 1st pick on this breeding. This breeding meant a lot to us because of the insane pedigrees on both sides. Mira is a Hollywood daughter (An Adios Son and a Legend) & the notorious El Cucuy should need no introduction; Him and Adios are the best productions of the greatest bully to ever live, Showstopping Ace.


Age: 7 Months
Weight:  Still Growing
Parents: Andrades Nemesis & Lopez BFP Apocalypse
Color: Blue Merle Tri

Cookie is the 1st pick result of the collaboration between the two best kennels and the best blood that Mexico has to offer. Andrades Nemesis is the Queen of Andrades Kennel and Apocalypse is an absolute XL beast. This girl is easily one of the nicest structured dogs on our yard and her colors are just as unreal.


Age: 8 months
Weight: 76 lbs
Parents: Bossy’s Milli x Goosebumps
Color: Blue Tri

Stormi was our 1st pick female out of our first Milli x Goosebumps breeding. She came out over half a Lb bigger than all her brothers and sisters and had a massive head so we knew we had to keep her. She’s the biggest sweetheart and has almost an identical personality to her goofy but loyal mom, Bossy’s Milli. She’ll be one of our biggest girls full grown and will end up in the 110-115 lb range.


Age: 1.5 Years
Weight: 95-98 Lbs
Parents: Bossy’s Staxx & Selene
Color: Blue Tri

Enyo is an absolute model and the perfect example of a true XL American Bully. She has amazing structure and proportions as well as the pedigree to back it up. She was a 1st pick female out of the same litter Champion Onsight was from out of Blueberry Kennels Michigan. She’s got a lot of drive and she’s always looking for love.

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