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I started my journey working with dogs when I was just 7 years old; Together with my mom I’ve been hobby breeding French Bulldogs since 2005. I witnessed my first C Section and revived my first puppy at 7 and bottle fed my first litter shortly after. I was introduced to the XL American Bully breed in 2015 my senior year of high school when I spent every penny I had on a Bossy’s Silverback daughter. To date I consider this one of the most defining moments of my life; I’m forever grateful for the journey I’ve been on since.

We spent a short amount of time with Blueberry Kennels where we quickly became the fastest growing and most talked about chapter. We took the bully world by surprise with addition after addition of 1st picks from the most exclusive breedings of the year. Unfortunately, this year we decided to part ways with Blueberry Kennels due to differing visions as well as concerns over their business practices. We officially became Florida Elite Bullies and carry that name with the utmost pride. 

Our yard has something for absolutely everyone – we have one of the most diverse yards in the entire world as well as one of the finest curated collections of XL/XXL American Bullies ever put together under one program. We breed every color of merle tri as well as every color of standard tri.  We also dabble with Frenchies still and will have our first L1/L4 fluffy litter in early 2023.

We have the one of, if not the strongest yard in the entire State of Florida and are proud to represent the Sunshine State in the XL bully and Frenchie world. If you’re interested in working with us in any respect please feel free to reach out we’re always in search of like minded individuals to work with. We have a stud for every female and even offer pup back deals with approved XL/XXL females. 

Thank you,

Austin, Owner of Florida Elite Bullies

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